Sunday, 29 October 2017

Megan Nielsen Brumby Skirt

It has taken me a ridiculously long amount of time to photograph this skirt considering I have worn it a lot, but here it is! My Megan Nielsen Brumby Skirt. I love so much about this skirt, from the gorgeous deep pockets to the amazing contrast zip. I bought the fabric and pattern to make this skirt when I went to Guthrie and Ghani (you can read my posts about the fabrics that I bought here). The pattern includes 3 versions, I decided to make version 1. What I love about the different versions of this skirt is how different they look made out of different fabrics. I chose quite a stiff denim to make my skirt in, and although it has worked well I think that I would like to try it again in a more lightweight fabric such as a chambray.

I love the colour of this denim, as well as the metallic zip that I bought to go with it. The overall look is exactly what I was hoping for. I actually ended up doing the topstitching twice... I had originally decided to topstitch the skirt in gold, but found that I just wasn't in love with it. I don't know if it was that the colours didn't match or if I just wasn't in the mood for some gold topstitching, but I unpicked all of the topstitching and then re-sewed it in a matching colour thread. It took a while, but I'm happy I did it as I think it looks much nicer, and I really like the subtle effect that the matching top-stitching gives. I sewed a double row of stitching 4 cm apart at the hem as well as a double row down the centre seam. I really like how this looks, I think I've said before how much of a fan I am of small details like this!

I'm also a big fan of secret details, which is one of the reasons why I love the pockets... as well as being amazing, the pockets also give you the option of sewing the pocket lining in a contrast fabric. I bought 20cm of Liberty fabric at the Birmingham rag market very cheaply (for Liberty!) at the same time as I bought this one. I absolutely love this print, and I feels very special to have it lining the  pockets. I also used it to line the waistband, which makes me smile every time I put the skirt on. This is why secret details are the best! This was my first time using a Megan Nielsen pattern, but it definitely won't be the last. As well as being beautifully packaged, her patterns are all stunning and it's so tempting to make a whole wardrobe full of them.

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